Fucking with past leads to the birth of an orphan named reminiscence. This’s the crazy beginning of every morning — what you have to fight with till night. This is the crazy begging of every dream — what you have to fight with till the morning.

Troy is burning tonight. Sorry ma’am — I am not a firefighter. And so, there’s no room for any “You” in this empty room any longer. Sorry ma’am. I have to go with the train of life right now. I am not interested in running after it again. I am not a firefighter. Sorry ma’am.

Troy is burning tonight ma’am. You see even my French books are in, but, didn’t I tell you?! I am not a firefighter. Well, I shall admit that it’s not enough justice that the guy named Destiny can start the fire only and is unable to rescue victims. My name starts with A, has D in the middle, and ends with N.

Anthony runs now. So does all the other residents. But for me, the fire is nothing more than a dance of yellow and red as long as I don’t remeber anything.

What is your name, ma’am?